Saturday, March 17, 2012

Frameworks Has a Future And You Should Be Part Of It.


Matt Frameworks Brewer has proven to be about as difficult to write about as it would be to write about J.D. Salinger. There just isn't enough information out there to really put many words together so we must turn to the art. In Matt's case the art is beautiful music as opposed to Salinger's brilliant novels.

Matt's solo work (of which I have the greatest interest) is predominantly Chilled Ambient pieces that evokes some sort of hope, maybe even a " Darkest before the dawn" feel. It is very cinematic in scope in the sense that with eyes closed the imagination unrolls images or with eyes wide open, it becomes a pleasant, reflective soundtrack for waking life. There are shades of Nick Cave & Warren Ellis collaborations, Portishead, Cinematic Orchestra along with mind melting horns and strings. This isn't to say that the upcoming Frameworks EP isn't without originality as it has flavours that are wholly unique unto itself.

In a conversation with Matt "Frameworks" Brewer himself I got this bit of info "On my main stuff I'm working with Sabira Jade, JP Cooper and Ríoghnach Connolly.
The Ep is out with First Word in the next couple of months & the live band is in practice now and will be playing Soundwave Festival


Fold-Frameworks Feat. Kelly Atkins

The cut Fold evokes many of the facets of early Portishead which I am certain will be readily apparent but listen close because this is no pale comparison. This piece has a shimmer and beauty all its own.

Recipe for Happiness- Frameworks

Keep an eye out for Frameworks debut EP on First Word Records
due to be released in a few short weeks.

Early on Matt was a drummer for a Heavy Metal band and has since, obviously, grown in various directions. Aside from from the beautiful works crafted above this Manchester UK DJ has worked with some amazing Hip Hop talents. One of those groups is the Long Island duo, QnC.

QnC has an upcoming release on Hero Records that has Matt Frameworks prints all over it. Chillin up at the old D studios.

Here is a teaser from the upcoming QnC release on Hero records.

Here is a link to Blu Rum 13

For some straight up Canadian Hip-Hop,Frameworks also has a collaboration with Blu Rum 13 in the near future on My First Moth Records.

I feel honored to have gotten a sneaky taste of whats coming up on Frameworks upcoming First Word release.It's delicious to say the least and I can almost promise you that this will not be the last you hear from this Manchester DJ.

UPDATE: The official video for Frameworks track Somehow, taken from the Vanish EP. You can buy it at

The new video is here...

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